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ITC-01/02 Internet Water Level Gauge, ITC-21 Internet Rain Gauge
Also recommended for

Civil Engineering

Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products25 高知防産第 3 号 (Water Level Gauge)
26 高知防産第 3 号 (Rain Gauge)
Contributes to disaster mitigation with real-time monitoring of sunamis, floods, and sudden downpour
Monitoring the water level and rainfall during heavy downpour in real-time / Observing tide levels and monitoring storm surges and tsunamis



Also recommended for

Civil Engineering


In municipal governments, factories, and weather information service companies

Further information can be accessed through this QR code.

  • Built-in Web server allows data to be viewed anytime if there is Internet  access
  • Monitors water level data for at least 1 second in real-time so you do not miss any changes
  • Calculates and updates rainfall data every minute

External dimensions: 50mm W×216mm H×145mm D
Weight: About 860g
Power supply voltage: 12V DC
Price: Contact us
*The system configuration depends on the site conditions

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