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LED Lighting Series
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products24 高知防産第 23 号
Providing safe and secure clean energy lighting
Illuminating a wide area even during power outages



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In cities inside and outside of Kochi Prefecture

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  • Perfect for evacuation routes, outdoor evacuation points, tsunami evacuation towers, and outdoor stairs
  • LED lighting is powered at night by power generated from a solar panel
  • Brightly illuminates a wide area with high brightness white LEDs
  • Night LED lighting works for 7 consecutive days, providing safe and secure lighting even in the event of a disaster

●Solar LED Evacuation Guide Light
Galvanized and painted
Reference price:Lead storage battery type 650,000 yen
Lithium battery type 840,000 yen

●Solar LED Lighting System (from 3 lights)
Reference price: From 1,400,000 yen

●Solar LED Garden Light (from 2 lights)
Reference price: From 1,300,000 yen

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