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Precast Fire Protection Water Tank, Earthquake Resistant Water Tank
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products27 高知防産第 7 号
Steel earthquake-resistant water tanks and precast fire protection water tanks born from shipbuilding technology
Extinguish fires in the event of a disaster




In Kochi City, Nankoku City, Tosa City, Kami City, Konan City, Aki City, Shimanto City, Tosashimizu City, Kuroshio City, and Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kyoto, and Nagasaki Prefectures

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  • OPEN and well-curb settlement methods are available, enabling construction of a 100t class earthquake resistant water tank even in narrow areas
  • Lightweight and can be transported by 2t or 4t vehicles
  • Realize reduction of construction terms by manufacturing many of the products attached to the tank at the factory
  • Certified by the Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan

●OPEN Construction Method (40t)
2,430mm W×2,500mm H×7,800mm L
Reference price: From 2,680,000 yen

●Well-curb Settlement Method (40t)
4,300mm ø×3,000mm H
Reference price: From 4,360,000 yen

60t and 100t are also available.

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