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Steel earthquake-resistant fire protection water tank born from plentiful achievements and technologies for shipbuilding

This secondary product earthquake-resistant fire protection water tank is of earthquake-resistant structure, particularly superior in resilience due to its purpose of securing water sources for fire fighting. Incidentally, it is a product certified by the Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan, which can accommodate in the Government Subsidy Project. There are the OPEN construction method and the well-curb settlement method, either of which enables construction of a water tank in the level of 100kg even in a narrow area.

■Product for the open-construction-method product (40t)
2,430mm W x 2,500mm H x 7,800mm L
■Product for the well-curb settlement method (40t)
4,300mm φx 3,000mm H
(The product is available also for 60t or 100t.)
■Delivered to:
Kochi Prefecture, Kochi City, Nangoku City, Tosa City, Suzaki City, Kuroshio-cho, Nakamura City,
Tosa-Shimizu City, Sukumo City, Muroto City, Aki City, Matsuyama City, Takamatsu City, Tokushima City,
and many others

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