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Long-span Construction Method
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products28 高知防産第 8 号
Simple and high performance pocket-type rockfall protection net
More reliable prevention of accidents by rockfalls, Preventing damage to the rockfall prevention net support pillars


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Tanaka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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Civil Engineering

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In civil engineering offices in Kochi Prefecture

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  • Long span construction method that expands support pillar interval of conventional methods from 3m to 30m
  • This method can catch about 5 times more energy of the rock falls than the conventional method, by attaching cushioning fittings on horizontal cables.
  • By extending the pitch between pillars, the damage caused when falling rock hit can be reduced, and installation work can be done avoiding the difficult parts to install.

Installation specifications Net height: H=10m to 30m
Space between pillars: L=15m to 30m (increase/decrease at 3m increments)
* Optimal specifications will be applied based on site conditions.

Reference price: LSP-5.0AZ 18,000 yen/m2
* Depends on design conditions and scale of construction.

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