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"Galvalume Power™"—Heat Shielding Roof Sheet that Mitigates Natural Disaster Damage
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Certification Number for Disaster Prevention Related Products
Ultra-lightweight, life-saving roof that protects people from earthquakes and extreme heat!
• Wanting to reduce the risk of your house getting damaged or collapsing • Wanting to prevent heatstroke during a power outage


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Private companies, ordinary houses

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  • Can be used for the roof for all kinds of buildings, from an ordinary house to a public facility
  • Very light in weight compared to ordinary roof tiles (only one-seventh of the weight of them)—thus capable of reducing the risk of collapse
  • A useful tool for preventing heatstroke as it can curb temperature rises inside a building by reducing the amount of heat conveyed to the interior via the roof surface

Highly durable galvalume steel sheet + heat shield
Weight: 4.9 kg/m²
Reference price: 10,000 yen/m²

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