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27 高知防産第 14 号

Prepare security in the basement for an emergency. “2-WAY DAICHIKUN Disaster Relief Tank”

At the ordinary time, it is used as a provisional toilet unit and also as a 31m2 large-volume underground storage tank to keep stockpile products. In a disaster, by taking out stockpile products from the tank and setting up assembled toilet units, it may be utilized as large-scale provisional toilets usable for about 30 days by 500 people and also as a temporary human-waste cesspool in the process from the neighboring provisional toilets to the human excreta treatment plants.

■A set of DAICHIKUN FRP tank main frame and equipment
Knockdown-type simple flush toilet unit (One set)
Wheelchair acceptable knockdown-type simple flush toilet unit (One set)

■FRP tank main frame size
2,300mm D x 8,000mm W x 2,320mm H

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